Services & Qualifications

I am a professional and qualified horse coach offering one to one and group sessions of hands on horse coaching to help you with better communication and to develop your relationship with your horse or pony, whether you just want to learn some fun groundwork and ridden exercises to do with your horse or pony or whether you have an issue you would like addressing please get in contact and we can discuss your requirements.

I am also passionate about helping children with their ponies to give them the skills to be able to handle their own ponies safely and effectively, because being the next generation they will be able to pass on their skills and knowledge and help spread the Intelligent Horsemanship word (and maybe even teach their parents a trick or two). 

I am based near Horncastle, Lincolnshire but I am happy to travel within Lincolnshire, Humber and Yorkshire regions.

Some of the services I offer are listed below, but if you would like help and it’s not on the list please get in contact and I will see if I can help. 


Exercises to build trust and encourage a willing partnership between you and your horse. 
Does your horse barge past you when walking to the field or is impatient leading from the field to the stable? I can help you to set boundaries for safe and effective handling from the ground.


Taking the stress out of loading- working with you and your horse/pony to enable you to load your horse calmly, safely and consistently in a trailer or horse box.

Long Lining

Working with you and your horse I can introduce your horse or pony to the long lines, it’s such a useful skill to have for many different reasons and it you can often notice things about your horse’s way of going from the ground and pick up on things which may go unnoticed whilst riding, preparing a horse for ridden work, rehabilitation after an injury or time off, enabling adults to exercise ponies, introducing a horse or pony to something new whilst keeping safe on the ground to name but a few.

Feet Handling

We need to be able to touch and pick up our horse’s feet in order to perform basic tasks like picking their feet out and allowing the farrier to trim and maintain their feet. If this is not an easy task it can become a source of worry for you and the horse. Maybe you have a youngster who doesn’t know how to pick his feet up?

Standing at the Mounting Block

Does your horse stand calmly for you at the mounting block or do you have to have to take a leap of faith (literally)? Standing still can be one of the most important skills for your horse to learn (and sometimes one of the most difficult to achieve!


…is a common problem and one which can quickly erode the relationship between rider and horse/pony. As flight animals, horses and ponies naturally want to flee from scary objects or noises but by working incrementally the horse/pony can learn to accept them whether that’s clippers, fly sprays or a plastic bag for example.


You are short of time and you need to catch your horse or pony and they disappear to the furthest part of the field- it’s not helpful. I can help you with exercises and techniques to overcome this.


Is your horse/pony fearful of the clippers? I can work with you and your horse/pony by showing you techniques to help your horse/pony overcome these fears, for a future of stress free and relaxed clipping.

Confidence Building

Whether it’s your horse/pony or you that needs confidence I can help. Confidence comes from having lots of positive experiences that goes for you and your horse. We all face confidence issues at some point and I can address them with a non-judgemental compassionate attitude to your concerns.
Wherever your or your horse/pony’s starting point is, I can coach you and your horse/pony through exercises together to build confidence and create those positive experiences.
I have successfully passed the Intelligent Horsemanship Stage 2 exams and been awarded the Intelligent Horsemanship Diploma and The Monty Roberts’ Introductory Course of Horsemanship Certificate (which involved 4 days of written exams and practical assessments and submitting video evidence of my work and completing a comprehensive Horse Psychology Project), I am still a student with Intelligent Horsemanship and I need to complete a series of case studies in order to work through the process of becoming an Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer. Whilst studying with Intelligent Horsemanship I have learnt good and effective handling techniques that have enabled me to develop further the skills needed to handle horses more effectively, efficiently and with improved safety. Only Recommended Trainers of The Intelligent Horsemanship will be recommended by them to the general public to work with you and your horse and details can be found at


  • Intelligent Horsemanship Diploma
  • Monty Roberts’ Introductory Course of Horsemanship Certificate
  • Horse Psychology Module
  • Foundation Course Module
  • Feeding and Nutrition Module
  • Leading and Loading Module
  • The Horse as An Athlete Module
  • Stud Management Module
  • Foal Handling Module
  • Handling the Untouched Horse Module
  • Perfect Manners Course
  • The Pony Club Tests up to and including AH test Certificate