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If you would like to book an initial appointment or if you have a query, please contact Nicki directly by email, text message or telephone call using the contact details below or please complete our contact form below. Nicki will be in contact as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest, your query or request is important to us. Nicki aims to reply within 48 hours.

I am based near Horncastle, Lincolnshire but I am happy to travel within Lincolnshire, Humber and Yorkshire regions.

First Appointments – can take longer than follow up sessions and I would recommend allowing between 1.5 to 2 hours for this appointment.
Follow-up sessions – usually last 1 hour.
Loading sessions – please allow 2 hours per session. Whilst I aim to make progress in the first session by their very nature loading sessions may require more than one session, to ensure happy confident loading every time.

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E: info@thehorsecoach.co.uk

Tel: 07498208785

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What our clients say about us

“Nicki worked with us recently to help our mare feel comfortable in our new trailer before we travelled her. We had already done some successful loading training but hadn’t yet tried to close the partitions, bars or the back ramp. Nicki helped us to do some groundwork exercises that simulated doing this before we used the trailer.
Nicki was calm and confident and our mare felt comfortable being handled by her. Nicki was also good at explaining what my daughter and I needed to do- so that she was confident doing it herself. The next day we loaded, secured her and travelled to a show very calmly and the same on the return. It was worth taking the time to get Nicki to help us so that our mare had a great experience.”

“Nicki helped us recently with my daughter’s mare who I would describe as a reluctant loader/hesitant loader and highly untrusting of strangers. The mare does always load eventually but on her terms and this can take a while, which makes my daughter anxious and then obviously this transfers to her mare. My daughter would like to be able to load the mare on her own. Nicki worked with our mare in her own round pen and achieved Join-Up, which to be honest I’d not believed could be achieved with our 20 year old stubborn Appaloosa. Nicki then demonstrated to myself and my daughter some pole exercises, then taught my daughter how to do them. We asked Nicki for help with standing on rubber mats as this is a recent issue due to a change in circumstances and this mare does not like change (she has broken 2 rather good leather head collars in our own efforts to encourage her to stand on the matting). Nicki worked incrementally and soon had our mare standing on the matting. Nicki worked quietly and calmly with our mare and after a very short time she had our mare loading consistently.”

“Nicki is fabulous and I cannot thank her enough for coming to help me at quite short notice. Also offered to come back too if needed. Highly recommended by myself and Colin (horse).”