About Me

I am a professional and qualified horse coach offering one to one and group sessions of hands on horse coaching to help you with better communication and to develop your relationship with your horse/pony, whether you just want to learn some fun exercises to do with your horse/pony or whether you have an issue you would like addressing please get in contact and we can discuss your requirements.

I am also passionate about helping children with their ponies to provide children with the skills to be able to handle their own ponies safely and effectively, because being the next generation they will be able to pass on their skills and knowledge and help spread the Intelligent Horsemanship word (and maybe even teach their parents a trick or two).

My First Pony

My first experience of riding was when my parents used to take us to the beach to ride the donkeys. We (my brother and sister) loved them so much that we brought one of the donkeys, Snowy,  home to look after each winter.

We then begged my parents to have a pony. One day Dad said he was going to collect a lawn mower and returned with my first pony and so began my obsession with all things equine. I felt so lucky to have my own ponies growing up and I loved all aspects of looking after them, even carrying heavy water buckets aged 8, balanced one each side otherwise I think I would have fallen over (the only water source was a long way from the stables and definitely no luxuries like automatic water drinkers).

Brocklesby Pony Club

I joined the Brocklesby Pony Club from a young age and I had the most fun ever during my Pony Club days. So much so, that, as soon as I was able to I took my Pony Club B test so that I could then teach at Pony Club rallies and have an excuse to go back to Pony Club camps for years to come. I enjoyed my time teaching at Pony Club just as much as my time attending. In fact most of my closest friends I made through Pony Club.
I spent many years representing the Brocklesby Pony Club in Tetrathlon events, Area competitions for Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing and in the National Pony Club Dressage Championships and I rode at Burghley in the Pony Club Showjumping competition for many years (which was always such a highlight of the year and an honour to be chosen)

I was selected to represent Great Britain in the first ever Eurocamp, which was held in the UK and it was the first time Polocrosse had been introduced to the UK, I even met Richard Meade (if you know you know!) Such fun times.

Monty Roberts

My parents took me to see one of Monty Roberts’ demonstrations when he was relatively unknown in the UK (I can’t believe there ever was such a time). Monty’s gentle but effective methods of working with horses resonated with me so much and how I wanted to train my own horse. I read his book “The Man Who Listens to Horses” and I was intrigued with his methods but there was no worldwide web for me to find out more. Although I do recall trying to replicate some of the foundation exercises with my horse but I didn’t know how to build on this.

A change of direction

I continued in Eventing in what was then known as BHS Novice, until it was time for me to go to University to study law and it was at this time that I sold my eventer as I just didn’t have the time that I once had, I was heartbroken. I rode a little in the following years but I didn’t compete in the same way. I completed my law degree, law school and training contract and qualified as a Solicitor in 2002.

Fast Forward…

Fast forward (a few) years, I have children of my own (and ponies) and in 2014, I decide I really NEED my own horse again, it was more of a calling I didn’t have a choice, I was missing the company that only a horse can give you.
Cue: Finn. A very gorgeous Irish Sports Horse.

It was important to me to make sure that I got off on the right footing with him, especially having had a bit of a gap from riding. I started researching Monty Roberts again. I found out that Kelly Marks was his instructor in the UK and that Intelligent Horsemanship courses were held in Oxfordshire. I signed up for my first course, Perfect Manners in 2014. I had such an amazing time with like minded people and learnt so much that I had a thirst for more. My intention, initially, was for the methods to help me with my own horse and to overcome any challenges I might face with him and I was also keen to teach my own children how to use Monty and Kelly’s methods with their ponies. With each course I attended, the more I wanted to learn and I was soon keen to complete all of the courses AND to pass my Stage 2 examination and assessments, which I achieved in September 2020. I am now working towards becoming an Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer.

Along the way I discovered my love of learning again and that’s one of the amazing aspects of horses they are the best teachers if we take the time to listen. I am also committed to continuing my learning and to keep up to date with new developments and methods and so I will always be looking for ways to expand and deepen my knowledge.

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